Melissa Rouse, a trained and certified professional helps people meet fitness and exercise goals – working with individuals who want to enhance their performance. More commonly, Melissa works with large and small groups to help them achieve greater levels of fitness.

To start, a trainee’s health history is evaluated and everyone is encouraged to discuss any exercise program with a physician prior to starting training sessions. Any red flags that come up during a health history, like muscular or skeletal structure injuries or serious medical conditions should be referred to a physician before training starts. We take it a step further at Fly Away Fitness – sometimes with a visit to a trainee’s doctor prior to designing an exercise regimen, or asking trainees to obtain medical clearance before beginning an exercise program.

In addition to understanding the health history of a client, the patient’s exercise goals will be outlined, which can be specific or general. A person may simply want motivation and a designed exercise plan to lose weight and get back in shape, or he or she may have a couple of “problem areas” upon which he/she wants specific focus.

Certifications & Degrees
NPTI Degreed Personal Trainer & Nutritional Consultant
P90X, Kettle Bell & SO-50 Certified
First Aid, CPR & AED Certified