Register for the BRAND NEW #Paleo meal plan ( #30daychallenge ) I have to admit, this is the best one yet! Maybe you missed out last time. You’re in luck, I am offering this SAME DEAL once more. The meal plan consists of recipes from my own favorite creations, old books, loved Instagram food influencers, and online recipes. The workouts will be 30 minutes, unless you’re a Returner and moving on to the next Phase. All you need are dumbbells!! What’s included?

Meal plan
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Private Facebook Support Group
3 At Home Workouts (each week)

… all this for $75! This is a $75 savings on what I usually charge for this program! Don’t forget, many of these recipes are BRAND NEW- so even if you’ve done this program in the past, you haven’t seen these recipes! If you have done THIS meal plan— I’m including 3 Additional Recipes each week. Start date is JULY 6 and registration begins NOW. Please share and DM me or drop your address in the comments below. I am very excited to share in this experience with you all. Last day to register is Friday July 3rd. Limited spots available.

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You can’t outwork a bad diet. Let us help you get on track so you’re not wasting your time in the gym. Ask about about the 30 Day Challenge!

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